ABC Marketing and Distributing FZ LLC were incorporated in 2007 in the Dubai Studio City – Free Zone. We started in the Dubai Media City Free Zone and then moved operations to Dubai Studio City in 2009.ABC was successfully established from the very start as a leading supplier of exceptional quality broadcast content.

Our business comprises three separate sections working closely together to achieve the best result.


  1. ABC Marketing and Distribution are responsible for the selection and purchasing of Programs, movies, and international drama works through regular visits to the major film markets and exhibitions worldwide. These programs are translated or dubbed into the various Arabic dialects for distribution to the broadcasters throughout the Middle East and North Africa, in fact, to all Arab-speaking countries.


  1. ABC for Art Production – We produce series and dramatic programs and market them to Arab and international television stations. We also work as an executive producer for films, drama series, and television programs in the UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt.


  1. ABC Dubbing and Sub-titling Studios – responsible for the technical operations of the production and post-production work, dubbing, subtitling, translating tv programs and documentaries and translating script and documents.

These studios are considered among the most important and largest studios in the Middle East Region due to the range of top-quality services and the level of technical expertise offered and the production volume.




Company Profile

ABC division & strategies


  • ABC Dubai is the head office and marketing division for The Group, managing the licensing and distribution of the company’s Content to broadcasters and distribution partners in the Middle East and North Africa and to the airlines for inflight entertainment as well as to movie theatres.
  • ABC Dubai is responsible for the strategy of The Group, the future vision, the planning, team management, and coordination, and the implementation of the Corporate Vision.
  • ABC Dubai is also responsible for driving the strategic and financial objectives of The Group by creating relevant opportunities and ensuring strong growth and development by increasing synergies across the board.
  • The ABC Group is a global provider of all genres and program formats; it offers unrivaled content diversity across all delivery platforms of the entertainment spectrum.
  • ABC leverages more Creativity and exposure, by partnering with other media players, and at the same time contributes to the growth of the entire industry as a whole.




Produce the best dramatic works and entertainment programs in-house.


Purchase the best quality programs, series, and movies for distribution in MENA regions. This objective, coupled with the Arabic translation service and the dubbing service into the most suitable dialect, the selection of the very best voice artists for each part guarantees the technical expertise to produce the perfect lip-synchs.


Providing high-quality dubbing and translation services through its highly experienced team. 


ABC is acknowledged as “the best in the business,” offering the very best content to our broadcast customers and their audiences in all areas of its specialization.

To be recognized as one of the foremost and significant Distributors and Production companies, renowned for distinguished TV shows, sought after by our customers.
Our Customers:

For Arabic Broadcast Content

  • Movie theatres
  • Broadcasters : ( Pay TV, Free To Air –Terrestrial, Satellite or Cable)
  • Airlines : ( in-flight entertainment)
  • Home video
  • New Media: (IPTV-Mobile)
For Arabic Dubbing and Subtitling
  • Movies theatres
  • Broadcasters
  • Production houses
  • Advertising agencies
Our Partners