Title: Hala Wa Al Asdekaa
Genre: Animation
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Eva C.M.Lo
Number of episodes: 26
Running Time: 5 minutes/episode
Hala and her friends live harmoniously together in a pretty and peaceful farm with cute houses, surrounded by colorful landscapes, beautiful ponds, thick forests and exotic plants. 
Everyday interesting and unexpected adventures happen in the farm including many stories of friendship, love and happiness that highlight the loveliness of innocence in the nature of the characters. 
The characters consist of Hala – a lovely girl, Amiee – an optimistic pony, Ruedi – a mischievous fox, Gymme – a drowsy lamb, Hennie – a forgetful hen and Grandpa Orange Tree – a stern looking but very generous and kind orange tree and many other cute animals. 
Welcome to Hala’s dream farm where Hala will be your best buddy! Hala & Friends will share with you their moments of fun and joy and absolutely take your mind off your troubles…