Title: Loabat Al GGO
Genre: Animation
Year of Production: 2010
Director: Gordon Chin, Yip Wei Ying
Number of episodes: 52
Running Time: 30 minutes per episode
The GGO International Tournament is about to start. Before the actual matches kick off, national qualification matches are being played all over the world. The smart and talented assistant to Professor GGO, Dr. Gaw, has a 13 year-old son, GawZoon. Unexpectedly, GawZoon comes into possession of Santos, a GGO robot player who was sent out by Dr. Gaw. GawZoon finds out that his father needs to find a suitable controller to bring Santos to win the GGO International. Upon discovery of this information, GawZoon forms Barefoot Team with his friends, and together they bring six GGO players to compete in the qualification round in China…