• Thursday April 15, 2021 MY LITTLE GIRL

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    My Little Girl is a story of an 8 year old girl, Öykü (Beren Gökyıldız, very much loved face from Mother)  who suffers from a rare genetic disease which is often referred to as “childhood Alzheimer’s”and a man, Demir (Buğra Gülsoy, known with the performances in Kuzey Güney and Fatmagul) who one day finds out that he is the father of her and his extraordinary fight to save her life.

    In this strong yet emotional story of self-sacrifice and devotion, viewers will be once again touched by the performance of Beren Gökyıldız. Öykü is a very clever 8 year old girl who is  brought up by her aunt. One night Öykü’s life dramatically changes when she is abandoned by her. In the letter left behind,  her aunt tells Öykü to find her father and leaves an address. Öykü’s father, Demir is a still single swindler who had no idea that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant when they broke up years ago. It transpires that when Öykü was born, her mother left her to the care of her sister. After also having been abandoned by her aunt, Öykü’s journey in search of her father begins. However, Öykü slowly looses her memory. Öykü’s drama reaches a climax when her father is put in jail and subsequently released on probation under the condition of taking care of his daughter. Meanwhile, Demir falls in love with Candan (Leyla LydiaTuğutlu, leading actress Heart of the City), who finds herself drawn into Demir’s life. In this tragicomic story revolving around this trio, we will witness Demir put up an extraordinary fight to save Öykü.


    تدور قصة مسلسل ابنتي حول فتاة بعمر الثامنة تدعى أوكيو (تقوم بأداء هذا الدور "بيرين جوكيلديز" الوجه المحبوب من مسلسل "أمي") وديمير الذي يكتشف بعد عدة سنوات أنه والدها (يقوم بأداء هذا الدور "بوجرا جولسوي" المعروف بأدواره في "عودة مهند" و "فاطمة"). تربت أوكيو على يد خالتها التي هجرتها في أحد الليالي تاركة لها رسالة تخبرها بعنوان أبيها. فتبدأ رحلة أوكيو في البحث عن والدها وهو في حقيقة الأمر محتال. فالقصة عبارة عن كوميدية تراجيدية تجعل متابعيها يبكون ويضحكون ويتساءلون إذا كان باستطاعة هذا الثنائي بتشكيل عائلة.