• Tuesday April 13, 2021 The Great Seljuks

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    In the 11th century, Seljuk sultan Alparslan, having defeated the Byzantine Empire at Manzikert and opened to gates of Anatolia to Turks, now turned to the East for new conquests. The Berzem Castle, the most important threshold for conquests in the east, was conquered, but Sultan Alparslan had died as a result of a treacherous assassination.

    Melikshah, who was forced to ascend the throne upon Alparslan’s death, had received news of the death of his beloved wife, Bashulu, on the same day. Left of her, was her newly-born son, Sencer. To preserve the balance of the state, Melikshah was forced to place Sencer in the custody of Nizamulmulk. Although this tore his heart out, he would not be able to see him, or ask after him again. Growing without a father, Sencer was trained by Nizamulmulk and the comrades of his grandfather, Alparslan, which turned him into an idealist hero, returning after many years as Sultan Melikshah’s bodyguard. However, Sencer knew Melikshah to be his father, whereas Melikshah did not know that Sencer was his son.

    Melikshah brought the Seljuk state, which he inherited from Sultan Alparslan, to the height of its strength. But, as the Seljuk state grew, so did its enemies. While in constant conflict with the Byzantine Empire and the Fatimid State abroad, the Batiniyya, led by Hasan Sabbah, gnawed at the expansive Seljuk state from the inside.

    While fighting the Batiniyya threat, the Fatimid occupation and provocations in Jerusalem, and Crusader attacks, Sencer and Melikshah must also hide their secret as father and son. Their greatest supporters on this path would be capable statesmen like Nizamulmulk, scholars like Gazali, scientists like Omar Khayam, and wise men like Yusuf Hamedani.

    On the other hand, the noble Terken from the Karakhanid dynasty wants to rule the state, relying on the power lent by being Melikshah’s wife. However, standing against her ambitions will be Melikshah’s mother Seferiye, who is the chief lady of the state, Melikshah’s son Tapar’s wife Gevher, and the noble Turkmen girl Elcin, whose arrival at the palace would change the balance.

    The Seljuk state’s sworn enemy Hasan Sabbah, the dangerous plots hatched by Terken wanting to rule the state, and the tempestuous love affair of Turna and Sencer, who finds himself in a fierce struggle in the midst of all this…An epic journey blended with love, secrets, and struggle…