Title: Al Ambrator
Genre: Costume TV Drama
Cast: Hou Yong, Wang Xhifei, You Yong, Gao Yuanyuan, Du Yulu
Year of Production: 2007
Director: Huang Jian Zhong, Yan Yi
Number of episodes: 51
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode
In the mid- 4th century B.C. a political upheaval erupted in western China. 
At that time, Greek civilization in the west was in its heyday, while a great, profound split from Bronze Age civilization was taking place in the vast lands of the oriental China. A small, weak ducal state in China-Qin was in danger of being crushed by 6 powerful ducal states to its east. The King Xiaogong of Qin desired to revive the state. He recruited talented people from the east. Shang Yang, a gifted statesman from the east, stole into Qin. He finally got acquainted with the conditions in Qin and intimately cooperated with King Xiaogong preparing for a storm of reform, which lasted over two decades. Qin was finally restored into a powerful state, with the most civilized foundation for unifying the whole of China later. 
Shang Yang and King Xiaogong, the heroes who launched and carried out the reform with their tragic destiny merged into history. 
This is a story about how the earliest Chinese civilization originated – a heroic epic of an oriental nation.