Title: The Village
Genre: Mystery
Cast: Eleanor Tomlinson, Finn Atkins, Christopher Elson, David Bamber
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Robert Sigl
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 93 minutes

An ordinary town in the east called Selmen has become the bizarre scene of a most terrifying trend – seemingly happy girls are killing themselves on their 18th birthday. For Kirsten that fact does not deter her from traveling from her hometown to the accursed Selmen trying to unearth the facts which had led to her adoption. 


Her yearning for the truth buried in her past must be fulfilled quickly as her 18th birthday is rapidly approaching… 


The video diaries of the dead girls lead Kirsten towards a dark secret hidden in the ruins of a medieval village recently rebuilt and reopened as a museum. An ancient curse has again surfaced – along with a ghostly figure seeking vengeance. Only three days remain for Kirsten to unravel the mystery before she herself turns 18 – or she will become the next victim. 


Teaming up with the son of a local historian, whose girlfriend had been the first to fall prey to the curse, Kirsten learns its origin: a thwarted love coupled with cruel deceptions that ended in the burning of a witch many centuries ago; a crime that still drives the witch’s unholy rage. 


When Kirsten’s sister Maria arrives to help, the three find themselves in a frantic race against time to uncover the lost secret of Hepzibah the Witch. It is a quest that leads them from the present village to its old, original site in the valley below – and then into the woods beyond, where the ruins of an old cottage still remain, as does the abandoned graveyard where heretics were burnt at the stake… 


As the three rush towards their goal, Kirsten must question whether all the villagers claiming to be her allies are truly on her side while the body count is still steadily rising. Adding to the danger is a disgraced doctor, suspected of killing girls that were his patients, who also attempts to stop Kirsten’s investigation by any means. Time is running out and it is this very night that Kirsten will turn 18…