Title: Al Eshk Al Daea
Genre: Telenovella, Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Lorena Rojas, Mauricio Islas, Catherine Siachoque, Sonya Smith
Year of Production: 2007
Director: Danny Gavidia, David Posada
Number of episodes: 140
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode
Natalia and Adrián are strangers who live in different cities but discover in an instant that they belong together. They were both married for over twenty years, and each has two beautiful young children. Their lives are quite similar—and both are unhappy and frustrated. Destiny brings the two together when they are each on the verge of divorce. 
When the pair falls madly in love, they face opposition from Elena, Adrián’s hysterical, paranoid and resentful wife, Rogelio, Natalia’s alcoholic husband who humiliates her, and Denes, who envies and hates Natalia while pretending to be her friend. Meanwhile Ágata, Natalia’s despotic mother-in-law, terrorizes the heroine’s life and has stripped her of the fortune which she inherited from her parents. Ágata teams up with Manuel, a treacherous and ambitious villain, to plot Natalia’s worst tragedy: separating her from her most beloved treasure, her children. 
Natalia and Adrián search for love, companionship and fulfillment on a road full of bitterness, disappointment and misunderstanding. Their story is closely related to that of their respective children. They must find love amid family conflict, jealousy and betrayal. In the end we discover it was all a dream by Natalia while in a two year coma and that everything is about to happen as she dreamt it.