Title: Mawsem Almatar
Genre: Drama
Cast: Tamer Karadagli, Azra Akin, Esref Kolcak, Deniz Ugur
Year of Production: 2005
Director: Dilek Gokcin
Number of episodes: 96
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode
Furat is a partner in one of the most popular night clubs in Istanbul. He is a wealthy and powerful man who lives in a big house and drives a nice car. He is also a single parent caring for his four children. His biggest problem is Naz, his 5 year old daughter. Eylul, who grew up in an orphanage never met her parents. She works hard and hides her sorrow very well. Unlike Furat, she is quiet, reserved and has a positive outlook on life.  
Furat is in search of a new nanny for his youngest daughter. A possible new job for Eylul! This new job holds many obstacles for her. On the one hand she is up against little Naz who got rid of all her previous nannies and on the other she has Firas, the authoritative figure. Can Eylul endure the strange complexities of the lifestyle of the rich? 
Besides, the only person who stays close to Furat is Aida, a beautiful and sophisticated woman. She seems to be the perfect candidate to incorporate into his family and become a mother to his children… As a result, she becomes suspicious of all the other women around Furat. Will she see Eylul as a threat and a rival?