Title: Al Jarima Al Makhmalia
Genre: Crime
Cast: Fritz Wepper, Sophie Wepper, Daniela Ziegler, Johannes Brandrup, Pia Baresch.
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Hans Werner
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 88 minutes

The psychologist, Dr. Winter and his daughter Alexandra travel together to a Baltic Sea spa. There, they meet a former patient of Winter’s – Rita Theisen. An elegant woman approaching sixty, Rita is heiress to the Theisen Company and lives with her two adult children John and Sophia in a beautiful villa. 


When Rita presents her much-younger, future husband Ricky Romans to her children, they immediately become frantic – is their own, eventual inheritance now in danger? Thrown into panic, they are willing to go to any length to prevent the planned wedding. For Sophia, that means enlisting the help of Max Warnecke, her married lover and the director of “Theisen Manor“. 


Despite all of the tension circulating around them due to their upcoming marriage, and the great difference in their age, Rita and Ricky are happily in love. Unfortunately, it is not a happiness destined to live long – while off on a day trip, Alexandra finds Ricky dead. 


Suddenly, Winter and his daughter are in midst of a complex murder mystery: every single person working at “Theisen Manor“ had a powerful motive to kill the man. 


When John tries to run over his mother with a motorcycle, resulting in an accident claiming his own life instead, Winter is baffled. As the fact surfaces that the new, young housekeeper Carmen was a dealer in the casino where Rita first met Ricky the mystifying case goes into a startling new direction…