Title: Kawanin Jadati
Genre: Drama
Cast: Christiane Hörbiger, Peter Weck, Luna Schaller, Mathias Herrmann, Elisabeth Lanz
Year of Production: 2011
Director: Siegfried Rothemund
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 87 minutes

By virtue of her ruthless approach to business, the senior manager, Henriette Dietrichstein, has become extremely successful. However, none of that success is able to banish the bitterness plaguing her lonely private life. 


But when Henriette’s supposedly Brazilian granddaughter, Evita, suddenly appears in her life, her rigidly built world begins to wobble. While Evita proceeds to melt her grandmother’s grateful heart, the greedy Beate attempts to manipulate Alfred, her husband and Henriette’s nephew. 


She weaves a cunning plot that appears to prove Evita is actually not related to Henriette – and therefore not entitled to inherit any of her grandmother’s wealth. 


With the help of her friend and lawyer Richard, Henriette is eventually able to clear the matter up. Finally, not only has unexpected good fortune delivered Henriette the opportunity to open up her heart; she also now has the chance to provide for her granddaughter…