Title: Darbat Haz
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Alexandra Neldel, Hendrik Duryn, Nicola Ransom, Götz Schubert.
Year of Production: 2010
Director: Joseph Orr
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 95 minutes

Anna Sommer is frustrated to see her dream of transforming a rundown cottage into an elegant guesthouse become a nightmare. After a storm destroyed the house’s roof and the bank denied her another loan, she was forced to turn to the shady loan shark Norbert for cash. 


He is now demanding his money back, but that will be impossible until Anna can afford decent renovators to finish the house and paying guests arrive… 


Norbert loses his patience and sends the tough ex-boxer Karl to collect the debt. Although prepared to do whatever it takes, the last thing Karl expects to find is an attractive woman. Still, it is a job, and the two engage in an all-out war. 


But then, Karl unintentionally chases the last carpenter away. It quickly dawns on him that because Anna now cannot possibly finish the house, earn money and pay Norbert back, he himself will also not be paid… so he begins helping her with the renovations. 


As they work together, Karl proves to have a heart of gold while Anna’s demeanor also softens – and over time she falls for him. The only threat now left to Anna’s guesthouse is posed by the mayor, who is willing to go to every length to gain possession of her property…