Title: The Fox: In Vino Veritas
Genre: Action
Cast: Walter Sittler, Simone Thomalla, Esther Schweins, Andreas Brucker, Gerhard Naujoks
Director: Siegfried Rothemund
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 90 minutes

With her name at the top of Inspector Breuer’s “Most Wanted” list, Sandra, a member of the Fox team, must again flee Germany. But on her way to the airport she receives a desperate phone call that forces her to stay: her cousin Armin is in serious trouble. Pursuing his dream of establishing a small organic vineyard, Armin had just sold his first bottles of wine…or so he thought.


Ferdinand Rosko, a wealthy restaurant owner, tore up the check and claimed that the wine was tainted. Having no proof to the contrary and up to his ears in debt, Armin can see only one way out – leaping to his death from a high building. Fortunately, Andrea – the wife of Max, aka “The Fox”- is able to prevent Armin’s suicide attempt, which leads to a brand new case for “Fox & Team”. 


As a matter of honor, the band of modern-day Robin Hoods decide to help Sandra’s cousin clear his name. Meanwhile, Inspector Breuer – Max’s long-time adversary – is hot on their heels. Searching through Sandra’s apartment, he discovers a photo with Armin’s address written on the back. Thinking that Max must have Ferdinand Rosko in his sights, Breuer lets Rosko in on the case. 


The police set a trap for “The Fox”, hanging confiscated art forgeries in Rosko’s apartment, but Max and his team are not so easily fooled… 


Still, as a form of compensation for Armin, the team have decided to steal Rosko’s valuable Cognac. But how can they steal 10,000 liters of it from directly under Breuer’s nose?