Title: Nozel Al Achbah
Genre: Family Entertainment
Cast: Annette Frier, Pasquale Aleardi, Thomas Heinze.
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Holger Haase
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 90 minutes

Family Entertainment at its best! 


After the death of his wife, Ralf Dienert scrapes together the cash to buy an old run-down tavern and start a new life for himself and his children Niko and Miriam.Unknown to the little family, the old tavern harbors an ancient and dark secret – 400 years ago the bandit Karl and his brothers had been sentenced and buried alive in its basement vaults. 


becoming quite comfortable in their drafty surroundings. Therefore, the Dienert family is a most unwelcome intrusion and the ghostly thieves do everything they can to scare them off. Because of their spirited antics, the grand opening of the tavern turns out to be a major disaster – but the spooks’ plan backfires. 


Unable to turn a profit, Ralf is forced to consider selling the tavern to the arrogant Felix von Hohenfels, who runs the nearby restaurant Castle Hohenfels and would do anything to rid himself of his only rival in the vicinity.p> When the kids discover the ghosts, they convince them to join forces in the fight to preserve their common home. Their theme restaurant starring genuine ghosts quickly becomes the attraction of the town. 


Meanwhile, Felix’s daughter Hannah proves to be a handful for Niko, Karl has fallen for Miriam and his ghostly cohorts are starting to enjoy their life with the Dienerts. However, the ghosts still have a score to settle with Felix, and with the help of their hosts a legendary, long-lost treasure to find…