Title: Attarik Ila Asaada
Genre: Drama
Cast: Elmar Wepper, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Bernhard Schir, Tim Morten Uhlenbrock
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Thomas Jacob
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 88 minutes

For 18 happy years, Anna’s entire world revolved around her kids, her husband Frank and the joy of maintaining their household. Suddenly that ideal life is completely shattered when she discovers that Frank is having an affair. Crushed and angry, Anna’s only goal is to get away from it all… but to where? 


Remembering that her father Horst is on his way to León to begin traveling the St. James Way, she immediately decides that this journey might be the escape she so desperately seeks. 


But Horst disagrees and attempts to talk her out of it. Determined, Anna cannot be swayed and stubbornly declares that she will accompany him on his way to the end of the world – to Finis Terre. 


Since her teenage years, Anna’s relationship with her father has been one of unending conflict. Lies and secrets kept submerged by both over the many years are finally revealed… 


For Anna, inspiration takes a different form through her own many fascinating encounters. She confronts long-suppressed emotions when the pilgrim Joop seduces her, making her again realize of how difficult it is to trust men. 


Her inner balance is later restored when her experiences with a fortune teller and priest named Jan bring forth a warm sense of faith, assurance and harmony… By the time Anna finds out that her dad is suffering from a fatal disease, it is almost too late. Aware that his cancer would soon overtake him, Horst had begun this journey knowing that he could not come any closer to heaven on earth than on the St. James Way. 


It is a journey that absolves one of all sin. For Anna and Horst, it is also a journey back to a loving relationship that only a father and his daughter could have…